Friday, 6 April 2012

Component Interface Interview Questions

1. What is Component Interface meant for?
It enables synchronous access to a PeopleSoft component from another application (third party application like Java,C++,COM etc) including all business rules and data.
2.What are the main elements in the Component Interface ?
Main elements of Component Interface:
ü  Component Interface name
ü  Keys
ü  Properties and collections
ü  Methods
3.What are the standard properties when a Component Interface is created?
Standard properties of CI are:
ü  Interactive mode
ü  GetHistoryItem
ü  EditHistoryItem
4. Can we map more than one component at a time from the CI ?
No, A Component Interface can be mapped to only one component, but one component can be mapped to multiple CI’s.
5. Explain what  are the various steps that describes the PeopleCode logic while implementing a Component Interface?
1.       Establish a user session
2.       Get the Component Interface
3.       Populate the Create Keys
4.       CREATE an Instance of the CI
5.       Populate the required fields
6.       Save the CI .
6.What is method? What are the different types of method?
A method is an object that performs a very specific function on a CI  at runtime.
                Types Methods are Standard methods and User-defined methods
Standard methods: - Automatically generated upon the creation of a new component Interface in Application
7. Which KEYS are mapped as find keys for a Component Interface?
                Search key and alternate search key.
8. How do you login in correction mode in the Component Interface?
Get History Items and Edit History items property to should be set to true.
9. If you are PS developer then in what scenarios Component Interface will have advantages over component?
A component exposes your pages to PeopleSoft only. Moreover it helps us to define common properties for a set of related pages.
A Component Interface is a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that you can use to access and modify PeopleSoft database information programmatically.
PeopleSoft Component Interfaces expose a PeopleSoft component (a set of pages grouped for a business purpose) for synchronous access from another application (PeopleCode, Java, C/C++, or Component Object Model [COM]).
10. What happens when a Component Interface is created on component that has add Action enabled?
Create method and create keys are created. The create method will not be present if the Add mode for the Component is not enabled.
11. Can we create get and find keys manually ?
No, These keys are created based on the search record definition for the underlying component.

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