Friday, 6 April 2012

Application Designer Interview Questions

1. What are Popup Menu types available?
2. What views are available in Application Designer project workspace?
                Development and Upgrade
3. If you change the long name of translate field what object to be altered?
                Page definition
4 .Can you place Sub page into Grid? If yes How?
                yes, we can insert subpage using insert subpage. After insert subpage into main page, drag the subpage into the grid. When we save the page we are successfully able to save the page showing that we can insert a subpage into a grid.
5.Limitations of translate table?
ü  Field type should be character
ü  Minimum filed length should be 1 to 4 characters
ü  Field value should be small and static 
Set control table default value is Business unit. It contains record groups and its default value is SetID. So it is used to access data from different Business unit.
7. Define auditing in PS? Types of auditing and explain each?
There is two types of audits available PS. Record level audit and record field level Audit.
8. Which PS object can’t be blocked by developers as a part of change control locking system?
Process Definition
9. Define Scroll? How many types of scrolls are there?
A Scroll is used to enter multiple rows and retrieve multiple row data. 
1. Nested scrolls – For each repeating data and for each entry with other set of repeating set of data is called a nested scroll. Maximum 3 nested levels are allowed. The nested scrolls share same high level keys.
2. Independent Scrolls: At each scroll level a maximum of 15 screens can be included.
10. What is mutually exclusive build execute option with the alter build option?
                Execute SQL now
11. How to view report from application designer?
                fileàreport from fileàview report
12. What is registering a component?
                We will add the component to menu and give permissions and security.
13. How to run AE program from Application Designer?
                open AEàeditàRun Program
14. Difference between search record and add search record?
                No diff b/n both the records, but add search record should be used in add mode.
15. Define component buffer and data buffer?
Component buffer consists of active component data, but data buffer contains multiple component data and other PeopleSoft applications data also.
16. What is the use of owner id in any PS object general properties?
                It is useful to restrict the PS object to the certain module.
17. What is the use of default page control in record field properties?
Specify the default appearance of a field as it appears on the page that Corresponds with the record field that you are creating.
18. How to set 3tier execution location of a component?
Component properties--àuse-à3tier execution location
19. When registering a component to menu, menu bar name is not mandatory (true/false)?
20. What is default grid occur level?
21. How do you bring advanced search page before normal search page?
                Component propertiesàinternetàdefault search/look up typeàbasic or advanced.
22. What are the numbers of sub pages and secondary pages that can be created in one level?
multiple number of subpages can be created in one scroll level but only one secondary page can created in one scroll level using push/hyperlink.
23. How to combine two projects?
                fileàmerge projectsàInsert project nameàinsert
24. Define update ids in project properties?
                These are useful, when change project option is activated.
25. The default processing mode of the component?
                Deferred Mode
26. Define Record?
                A record definition is definition of what your underlying SQL database tables will look like, and how they will process data.
27. Record types that are not going to store in to Database/types that can't be build?
                Derived/work record, dynamic view and Sub record.
28. “Approval rule set” is not PeopleSoft object? (true/false)
29. How to disable the appearance of prompt button on a page?
                Page field propertiesàrecordàdisplay optionsàshow prompt button (UN check)
30.  What happened when select “build script file” option?
                Table is not going to create into database but it’s just creating Script file.

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